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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Share the Love in 2013

Happy New Year blessings and a bit o' sunshine to you in this first week of the year 2013!

I am preparing to get back to writing about love this year and delighted to be doing so via the blog hop SHARE the LOVE, and yes, this is a blog hop I just an hour or so ago decided to introduce here on abitosunshine Love and Writing.

The idea came to me while updating an article of mine on Squidoo, so I switched gears and began blogging. Share the Love on Valentine's Day will get updated on another day!

Do you agree the world will be a better place if we all share the love? Good, then blog hop along with SHARE the LOVE!

Of course, getting this blog hop idea today puts me behind already! All is fine, though, as I will catch up before the year is through as a year is 365 days!

My first share is a treasure to give and to keep and I will let LisaAuch tell you all about how to give the gift of love in a keepsake box. Lisa's heart is obviously filled with love, much like the gift box she shares in her article.

I certainly plan to follow Lisa's lead and directions for creating a gift box filled with love to give to someone who is in need of a bit o' lovin'. How about you... Do you think Lisa is on to something here that can be used to share the love throughout the year?


  1. Awh ruthi! I just love my little box of love and so glad it can be shared around every one too!

    1. Lisa, your little box of love is HUGE! I am all too happy to share it with others.


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