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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Writing Words of Love

Chris Brockman is, among other things, gifted with a talent for writing words of love. Chris is a published author and I will share his latest publication with you in a moment. Allow me first to introduce Chris through a sampling of his love poetry.

Chris Brockman - Love Poems

A Valentine To My Wife
The Book of Love

And last, but certainly not the least of three: Young Love

If you read "Young Love" you now know that this poem was included in Chris's latest book.

You can read my review of Growing Up In Boom Times for a closer look at the words and the author.

Have you ever carved your love onto the trunk of a tree or into the grains of sand on a shore?

Perhaps you would like to share a love carving in an article on your blog. Go ahead ... Write it ... Link up with SHARE the LOVE

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