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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Friendship Balls

Let's teach our children about colors ... and a bit about friendship, too!
Who knows ... we may even learn a thing or two.

Picture Books (Saturday Writing Essential)

Len's Prompt Rules:

Write the text for a children’s picture book (prose, poetry, fiction, essay, whatever).

You must have only sixteen sentences.
Each sentence can have one to fifteen words.
You can have a word of three syllables in only four of the sentences.
You can have only one word of four syllables in the work.
There can be no words of more than four syllables.

Photo used in this creation courtesy of morgueFile.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lost Kindred Souls

This post is dedicated to my baby brother ... I love you.

Every single day, in every possible way, show your loved ones the love you feel for them, before life or death snatches them away...

This was first posted here and you're encouraged to read the discussions that took place, sign up and comment, too.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

I Just Cannot "Do" Mother's Day

I Just Cannot "Do" Mother's Day
©2002 Ruth Cox

I just cannot "do" Mother's Day;
Most don't understand why this I say.

My Mother is dead and I miss her so much,
Daily glimpses of her my soul does touch.
Her life was stolen from my siblings and me,
Domestic violence took her from us, you see.

My sisters have children unseen by our Mother;
Being held by one's Gramma is a feeling like no other.
Brothers share memories of Mom in a red cloud of danger;
A fist full of pain in their hearts is not a stranger.

I just cannot "do" Mother's Day;
Hope you understand why this I say.

My son is missing from this daily world o' mine,
Lost to drugs and for his heart I endlessly pine.
He wanders aimlessly in his world, dark and remote,
The fears and horrors of his past he continues to tote.

My hopes and dreams for my son, difficult to smother,
Live on in my soul and I pray he shall one day discover
A light to lead him along a path that will in the end
Allow him to feel the love of his Mother, also his friend.

I just cannot "do" Mother's Day;
Hope you understand why this I say.

My spirit is filled with sadness on this honored day
But I celebrate it daily, in my own special way.
And for those of you who miss a child or your mother
Know that you surely have the understanding of another.

My heart grieves for the loss of my mother and my son,
Yet deep inside I know the raging battle shall be won.
For I believe one day a light will shine from up above;
Mothers and their children will be reunited by His love.

I just cannot "do" Mother's Day;
Hope you understand why this I say.

Saturday, May 1, 2010



I am delighted to announce that you are the WINNER of abitosunshine LOVE and WRITING's GRATITUDE GIVEAWAY! Scottie drew your name out o' his hat just a moment ago! You are the recipient of my CafePress abitosunshine poetic creation -- Journal of Thought, Word, and Deed!

Jennifer, you are ever so deserving of this win -- you are a WINNER! Your recent commitment to gratitude in your daily Gather posts are impressive and winning this gratitude journal seems like pure poetic justice to me!

Loveya Jennifer Lee!