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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Family Matters Christmas Countdown

Every year on December 1st, as many across the globe begin the how many shopping days left 'til Christmas countdown, I rise from my bed with the dreadful memory of my mother's death due to domestic violence.

This year, this day, this moment is to share domestic violence family matters with you. And, make no mistake, these family matters should matter to you. One may never know what goes on behind closed doors.

We often find out too late that a loved one has fallen victim to domestic abuse. Become aware of and watch for the warning signs of domestic violence and abuse.

This holiday season you can help—a family member - a friend - a neighbor - a stranger—lessen the horror of domestic violence by taking a stand, by giving the gift of doing your part to Arise Against Abuse.

Arise Against Abuse Poster
Arise Against Abuse Poster by abitosunshine
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I love and miss you, Mommy, always...

I found this unusual Christmas Countdown video and viewing it just felt like I feel at this moment... sadness creeps into this day... there will be no holiday shopping for my Momma...


  1. It's sad that so many people live with abuse and sometimes no one ever knows. God bless you, Ruthi.


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