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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Ohio Buckeye Love

If you follow me across various blogs and forums you will learn from whence I came, with one of my favorite descriptive phrases for such being "Buckeye born and bred in the hills of Ohio, USA" which, of course, I added to one of my postcards.

Earlier today, I was reminded of one of the things I love most about my home state of Ohio and that is its state motto: With God All things are possible.

Here is a great photo of a plaque with the motto by Theresa on the RedGage forum. Of course, from the plaque you learn from whence the motto came.

Growing up in the hills of Ohio I pretty much lived in rural areas. One of the belly-warming memories I hold dear is an often eaten meal baked up by my Momma. Squidoo friend, Frischy, will tell you all about the Johnny Marzetti Recipe and where it originated.

There is much to love within the state of Ohio; the best of all being that here is where the loved ones in my family mostly live.

Where do you live?

Is there something to love from whence you came?

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  1. I'm from NY and no where near the City! I love the Adirondacks, the oldest Mountains. Such beauty, and the lakes are wonderful!!
    State Motto Excelsior

    State Bird is the Bluebird

  2. When I worked in Cambridge, Chris and I often ate at a family restaurant that served Johnny Marzetti. I LOVED it and would order it all the time. My mom used to make it sometimes when I was a kid, too.

  3. Thank you for featuring my Johnny Marzetti recipe! Isn't that fun?!

    I am from Kentucky. A dish that originated here in Louisville is the Hot Brown. Pretty yummy comfort food, if you ask me!


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