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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Celebrate Magazine Love

As I thought about my post of Celebrate Magazine Love for today, I could not help pondering if Magazine Subscriptions of the printed kind would one day find themselves a thing of the past. I'll hold on to that thought for another article another day.

The magazine subscription I wish to share with you today is one that many of my peers subscribe to online--Celebrate Magazine on Squidoo.

Celebrate Magazine is your go-to gift guide for all occasions, holidays, and celebrations! Naturally, we are all signed up on Squidoo to create and publish articles so this would be a magazine of interest to us. Of course, not only do we subscribe to Celebrate, we submit our own articles to the magazine!

 That said, allow me to share a few Celebrate contributors with you.

Celebrate Magazine Love

From this contributor list you will be taken to that Squidoo lensmaster's page which lists some of the articles they have in the Celebrate Magazine on Squidoo.

  • Ruthi ... Yes, shameless self-promotion of my own articles.
  • RenaissanceWoman2010 ... An amazing journey of discovery.
  • BuckHawk ... Celebrating animals as well as other things.
  • OhMe ... A breath of fresh air with a walk in a park.
  • Tipi ... A passionate embrace.
  • Sylvestermouse ... Yes, there is a mouse in the house!

My introductory image for this article show you my current favorite magazine subscription--the print version of Poets & Writers Magazine. Yes, I am a die-hard lover of print publications!

So tell me ...

Are you Subscribed or Will you Subscribe to Celebrate Magazine on Squidoo?

Feel free to share your Squidoo Magazine Contributor links with your comments.

Also, you are invited to blog hop along with SHARE the LOVE throughout the year. I look forward to what you feel love and share worthy.


  1. Wouldn't that be terrible, if magazines become e-mags or even worse just stopped existing completely. I've just seen the title to one of your posts - Edible Rawhide Greeting Cards for Dogs - Brilliant !!

    1. Yes it would be terrible, Sharon! I love my magazines!

      I am so glad you spotted my Squidoo post on the Edible Rawhide Greeting Cards for Dogs and thank you for commenting on the lens. I have a dog here who is quite excited about the mailman bringing her first edible card!

  2. I love print. I really do. I think maybe my children may be the generation to kill it - you know "video killed the radio star" fashion; only this time, really. I haven't subscribed to squidoo yet, but I need to look into it. Thanks for reminding me!

    1. I hope the printed word remains but you may be right that it will die a slow death, Elizabeth. It's one of those times I am glad to be older, as I won't be around to see books and magazines disappear.

      Elizabeth, Squidoo is well worth the time and effort! And the community is just awesome and encouraging! Let me know when you sign on so I can visit your articles.

  3. I like my magazines but too often I am too busy to read them. They stack up and I go through them now and then. I like having them for reference.

    I am fairly new to writing on the web. Almost a year onto it and for me Squidoo has been a very good experience. Anyone who is interested in writing needs to pursue that platform!

    I love your blog, Ruth!

    1. Maria, I am the same way with my magazines, reading them when I have time. Sometimes I take a stack of them to bed one night and go through them, highlighting and marking items of interest for one reason or another.

      Squidoo is definitely a good writing platform for writers. My favorite thing about Squidoo is that they not only allow, but encourage, affiliate links, which allows for extra income. Most writing platforms outside links are a no-no.

      And thank you, Maria, I am delighted to know you are enjoying my blogging!


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