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January 11th was for me -- Happy Motherhood Day -- my son William's birthday. I don't generally feel old on my own birthday, but l sure felt old with my son turning 38!

I heard from him on the 10th, first time in 2 months, since shortly after he left drug rehab. Well, he called to tell me he's back in rehab, yet again. A good thing, it's awfully cold and dark living on the streets in the wintertime. Besides, each time he checks into rehab, hope is renewed.

I called him today to wish him a Happy Birthday. He didn't sound too happy, but was glad I called him. And I was glad the facility let him take the call, even though it was against regulations.

Then I decided to begin a project I've thought about for years -- his life in rhyme, through his momma's heart and eyes. I didn't get very far, but it's a beginning.

For this project I have chosen to use the form Canzone, mostly because of it's lyrical quality, as well as the fact that it's a free verse form that will lend itself well to my adding stanzas as I'm inclined to do so. A challenge, but for a worthy cause.


From the beginning the tale will be told,
Magical the morning, the day of your birth;
For all of its value, for all of its worth,
The best of it all was bringing you home.
Your sun three days old, the light of all love
Displayed on your face for all to behold
Arose in the arms of family fold,
Ever written in the ancestral tome.
Your Grandma's embrace, gentle and lovesome,
Held you to a bosom filled with God's grace;
Then Great Uncle Jimmy's strong arms apace
Took a turn amid my siblings' welcome.
There is life, there is love, there is laughter-
And much telling to be told hereafter. 


  1. I am so in awe of this. It's wonderful and you know you have my thoughts and my love, always.

  2. Thank you! I'll do another segment soon, I've been thinkin' about what I want to say next. It's tough, too, because I have so very few photos of him, due to leaving everything behind in NM, grrr!

  3. This is wonderful. Really shows just how much love you have for you son. Enjoyed the photos also.

  4. Thank you Karen. Yes, I have a whole lot o' love for my Billy Brat..:-) Pretty close to 100% unconditional love.


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