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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Puppy Love

Many of my readers might agree, we cannot share love without sharing s bit of ... I guess nobody can tell us about it better than the one, the only ... Paul Anka

and they called it...




Puppy Love

There are, of course, those big ol' boys who jump right into our lives on all fours and take over our hearts. I will let Buckhawk introduce you to these Gentle Giants; rather, Great Danes.
For you ladies out there who are the truest of puppy lovers, I ran across the cutest puppy dogs ever--puppy dog purses! Yes, handbags! Head on over to the puppy purse gift guide, by GabrielaFargasch, and pick out your pooch!
Now, no longer in my teens, I have cried my share of tears over lost loves, including the truest of puppy loves--that of a loving companion of the canine kind--my dog, Scratchy Sunshine.

No doubt you have a tale of puppy love to share.

Share it with my readers right here; or, better yet, write your story as a blog post and link up with SHARE the LOVE blog hop!


  1. Ah, Ruth, what a nice tribute to love. Those canine varieties are some of the best love out there. Thanks for including those Great Danes!

    1. You bet our puppy dogs set some of the best examples of love, Susan. I am always happy to share you and your furry friends when I can!


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