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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Wild Tale Of Tenfold

This little piece of flash fiction is dedicated to my friend Nancy for her neverending passion for helping to save America's wild horses.

It is my hope that one day this fictional tale becomes truth beheld as fact.

The inspiration for this writing comes from Five Sentence Fiction.

We are given a prompt word each week on which to base our story written in five sentences.

The word prompt this week: BEAUTY

Wild Tale of Tenfold
©Ruth Cox

"Beast cometh to round us up and to chop us down in our own dirt," snorted Stallion at the lead of a flying stampede.

"Dreamscape the legend of the land," Mare cries in bloodcurdling neigh to her faraway foul. "The day shall come when men of the wind find themselves flogged with the horsewhip of our nightmarish end."

To wit: Hellfire cometh for mankind for his heinous crime while wild horses shall be freed to roam with the herd in a heavenly home here on earth governed by golden bird.

Ah! there is but beauty to behold in the tale of tenfold!

Wild Horses Video courtesy of YouTube

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  1. Blessings to you my friend. I appreciate your feelings for these wonderful animals. As you know, their future is one of my great concerns. We will be lessened as a race when the last wild horse leaves the earth.

    1. Nancy, we can only hope man does himself in before the last breath of the wild horse whistles in the wind.


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