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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Squidoo Sunday With Noner Says

I have been out of the loop with my blogging of late but writing my way back to my blogs and a pastime I thoroughly enjoy - linking up with other bloggers and blog hops.

That said, today I am linking up with Noner Says and her Squidoo Sunday linkup for the discussion and sharing of our Squidoo articles. Hop along with us each week!

If you are not yet a member of the Squidoo writing community you can join Squidoo here and then join Noner Says on Sundays too.

This past week I did not create and publish any new articles on Squidoo. I have been working on updating a few older articles there instead. In fact, this afternoon I have been updating my dog Tidbit's web page on Squidoo in preparation for tomorrow being National Dog Day in the USA. Hopefully I will get some major work done to Tidbit's page before day's end as it is so outdated. Oh my!

I do have a couple of articles I am working on that I hope to publish to Squidoo before month's end. Most assuredly one of these will be about postcards! So do check back soon to see the details of anything new.

Yes, I am back to collecting postcards and enjoying it immensely. Are you a collector of postcards?

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