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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Me Stylish?

Hahaha! I've never been accused of being stylish -- until today! I'd stopped by to say "Hi!" to my friend, blogger, and author Mary Russel. Much to my surprise, in one of her posts she passed along the "Stylish Blogger Award" to me. Thank you, Mary! I'm truly honored to now wear the label of being Stylish.

By accepting this award I agree to the following 4 rules:

1...Thank and link back to the person that awarded it to you.
2...Share 7 things about yourself.
3...Pay it forward to 15 recently discovered great Bloggers.
4...Contact those Bloggers and tell them about their blog award.

Thank You Mary!
It's a pleasure to know you and interact with you in a few networks. And I do hope all who read this award post will visit you, too! None will be disappointed in meeting you and getting to know you. And those I pass it forward to who already know you ... well, this will give them another reason to visit with you.

Seven Things About Me:
1...As if you didn't already know it--I'm a passionate poet!
2...I became a Grandmother this past year, oh dear!
3...I am a Christian and I worship Sol.
4...I lost a bit o' sunshine this past year; Scratch died in my arms.
5...Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.
6...I plan to self-publish a collection of my poetry and prose in 2011.
7...My goals for 2011: Peacefulness, Positivity, and Productivity and I wish you same.

Passing the Stylish Blogger Award forward to:
Susanne of Putting Words Down on Paper
Marsha of Marsha's Spot
Christine of Redhead Rants
Cynthia of Wytch with Wings of a Dragon
Erika of The Girl Next Door Grows Up
Ann of Ann Crabs
Kimberly of Anxiety-SIS-Order
Jennifer of
Stephanie of Beauty Brite
Julie of Knitting and Sundries
Lynn of The Vintage Nest
Brenda of Fiction With A Purpose
MG of The Globetrotting Gamine
Alison of Alison Can Read
Marilyn of Marilyn's Musings

And now I'm headed to present the Stylish Blogger Award to those on my list. I do hope you'll visit them all, too, and extend your hand in friendship!


  1. thanks, girl! you're the best!
    i've been so crazy with my book, i have no idea what's been going on with everything lately :) lol

    love me!
    the globetrotting gamine


  2. You're quite welcome, MG! And best of luck on that book of yours!

  3. All I can say is Thank You!
    Blogging is just an off shoot of what I MUST do in order to keep my name out there - it is not really what I WANT to do. What I WANT to do is get my books in EVERYONE'S faces so they will understand that so many of us come from the same place even though it might not appear that way.
    My finding 15 blogs is going to be difficult as that is not what I am about -- but as I said, Thank You!

  4. You're welcome, Brenda. And you don't have to accept the award if you don't want to. Some do, some don't.

  5. Thank you Ruthi :) I will be back with my post link, but wanted to stop by tonight to say howdy and let you know I appreciate you thinking of me. Have a good night.

  6. You're welcome and you're a sweetie, Cynthia! Do the post at your leisure..:-)

  7. Hi, Ruthi! Thanks for this stylish award. Hope you have an awesome week!

  8. I'm really not sure if any will participate with me on my end but here is my link.

  9. You deserve the stylish award Ruthi for your stylish blog, for bringing sunshine to so many of us, and for being a classy and talented lady.

  10. Awwww...thank you so much. It's been a long time since someone awarded me with something. And especially something as nice as "being stylish". My New York and Chicago sons like to call me "country". Just because I live in the country doesn't mean I can't wear black like they do. ha! You are so nice. xo

  11. Mary, again I thank you!

    Lynn, I look forward to your stylish posts! In fact, I just took a wonderful walk with you!


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