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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Do you Squidoo?

If you do Squidoo I'd like to hear from you!

You can comment here to this blog post or better yet - write up a blog post of your own and post the link here in a comment and I'll visit your blog post AND your Squidoo posts.

About a year ago I signed up at Squidoo and just never made the time to do anything with it. Recently, as I began taking earning online a bit more seriously (out of necessity) I decided to give Squidoo a try. Of course, I was unable to even figure out my previous sign-up, so I registered all over again.

For those of you who do not yet Squidoo, here's my referral link--yes, referrals aid in increasing earnings at Squidoo! Let me know when you post your first lens and I'll stop by to view and comment. (Networking works if we work at it!)

I have created three (3) lenses at Squidoo thus far:

Poetic Creations by abitosunshine! -- This was my first lens and is about my shop at CafePress, where I combine my poetry and graphic design work.

The Queen *itch of abitosunshine! -- No, not about me, it's what they call a SquidPaws lens and it's about my canine companion, Tidbit.

Ghost Words And Other Echoes -- This is my first SquidLit lens. It's a book review and author interview.

I'm pretty pleased with getting all three of these lenses created this week! I am determined to master the art of creating Squidoo lenses and making money by doing so.

If you have any Squidoo tips to share, please do!


  1. Good luck mastering the art of squido.

  2. Good luck with Squidoo! I don't Squidoo.

  3. I've been Squidoo-ing a while. I like them for making quizzes and use them for my Bible studies. But your lenses are so much more interesting. Now I finally know about squidlit! Thank you!

  4. Sweet Sheila! I'm headed to Squidoo in a bit and shall surely hook up with you there!


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