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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Great Way to Meet and Greet at Associated Content

Tracie Walker and her Word Game

First impressions often hold true when meeting someone new; our first thoughts regarding words may do same.

I couldn't resist getting in on the Word Game and I was delighted to receive my five words from Tracie Walker. My first impression of Tracie -- delightfully fun and friendly!

I decided to immediately freewrite and share my first thoughts for each of my words. I'd planned to elaborate afterwards, but have now decided against doing such, for the moment at least, though I may do so in later posts.


Romance: Happenstance; perchance a dance of two tangling into a woven web of one; for a moment in time romance feels like taking a stance, a you and me together.

Boat: Float your boat, doing whatever floats your boat; but I must wonder do we want to float alone or at someone else's expense? Shall we sink or swim, alone or together on our boat sailing out to sea?

Expect: Expectations often lead to dissapointment; expect nothing and be surprised at the wonders received.

Cheer: Spread good cheer, (my favorite way is to spread a bit o' sunshine); you'll be delighted with it bouncing back at you at just the right time, and generally tenfold -- Cheers!

Specific: Nothing in life is purely specific, but everything in life can be terrific when we welcome with sensitivity and deversity rather than specificity.


Here's my referral link to Associated Content so you can sign up and join the fun:

And if you're already an AC Contributor, let's hook up and support each other in the community!


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