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Friday, July 30, 2010

Flash Fiction Writing, Freestyle

Once again combining my passion for Love and Writing, in response to my friend Len's writing prompt.

This Week’s Challenge:

Write something using EXACTLY 500 words. It can be a poem, a story, an article, an essay, anything you want, but make it EXACTLY 500 words (excluding the title).

My Response:

What's in a Word or Two or Three or More?
©Ruth Cox

Be it a quest for new information, by definition fact nor fiction; a tale of truth of the ages old, awaiting its time to be told; or, a promise in the pages of novella worlds to unfurl: the answer to the query depends upon what it is one may be longing for.

Freestyle Saturday (Saturday Writing Essential)
Word Count Tool


  1. A fine freestyle essay. I just read it. Glad I found you by your stopping by and commenting on my post. I'll look you up when my contracted novel in editing is finished!

  2. Ann, thank you for reading, and for commenting! FYI, I followed your link via a comment you left on Sheila Deeth's blog.

  3. I am impressed! I have a difficult time writing anything with a set word count but you made this writing seem effortless. I enjoyed it.

  4. Thanks Dianna! Len has a way of prompting the write stuff out o' me!


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