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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lost Kindred Souls

This post is dedicated to my baby brother ... I love you.

Every single day, in every possible way, show your loved ones the love you feel for them, before life or death snatches them away...

This was first posted here and you're encouraged to read the discussions that took place, sign up and comment, too.


  1. A very touching writing, Ruthi. Memories can be our paradise or our own personal Hell at times. Thank you for sharing this piece.

  2. This particular creation is of the love between my dying brother and I... love we once held for each other, cast away, stolen with the death of our Mother years ago, never to be known again.

    Thank you Dianna.

  3. This piece of writing gave me goosebumps. So touching and beautiful in its simplicity. How one can wish that all memories were good and pleasant although they are not. Thanks for sharing Ruthi

  4. Lena, I truly appreciate your comment -- when I can evoke deep emotion within a reader's spirit I feel I have shared a bit o' my own spirit.

    A follow up creation has been posted on Bloggin' by abitosunshine!


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