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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Friendship Balls

Let's teach our children about colors ... and a bit about friendship, too!
Who knows ... we may even learn a thing or two.

Picture Books (Saturday Writing Essential)

Len's Prompt Rules:

Write the text for a children’s picture book (prose, poetry, fiction, essay, whatever).

You must have only sixteen sentences.
Each sentence can have one to fifteen words.
You can have a word of three syllables in only four of the sentences.
You can have only one word of four syllables in the work.
There can be no words of more than four syllables.

Photo used in this creation courtesy of morgueFile.


  1. Very nice, Ruthi. I was reminded of trying to hand the children a hand full of M&M's when they were young. They each had a favorite color and would argue about which color was best. Thanks for sharing this post.

  2. Love it. Makes me feel happy. Great message too.

  3. Dianna, with Billy he could have them if he could name their colors, lol... and that was a rare treat... I didn't allow him much candy at all.

    Hi Mary! It makes me happy to know a bit o' happiness bounced your way, thank you!


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