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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Journal -- Letter to my Son

(WWAUW writing prompt response; prompt courtesy of Dianna)

Write a letter to someone you love encouraging them to keep a journal and explain why you think it's so important to the ones they love.



Your every thought, your every feeling, holds importance to me.

More importantly, your thoughts and feelings are of value to you.

Keeping a record, a journal, of the thoughts and feelings you have each day can serve as a way of letting go, a way of healing. Writing, as well as re-reading what we write, is often a great tool for reflection. I encourage you to keep a record of daily events in your life and how you feel and react in relation to these events. I feel that not only would this serve to record, it may also serve to assist you to reflect upon the experiences, as well as your emotional response to what occurred. Hopefully, this would lead to greater understanding of yourself, as well as others, and ultimately, a greater understanding of your life.

Myself... over the course of my lifetime I've written my deepest and darkest thoughts in journals, diaries, and in my poetry and prose. Some have been written to later be burned; some have been written to be lost along life's way; some have been written to be shared; some have been written to be found upon my demise.

I'm about to begin a brand new journal of my thoughts. (Thanks to a gentle push from my friend Karen.) In fact, her encouragement has also caused me to create an empty journal book, available for purchase at CafePress abitosunshine. Karen mentioned on the phone the other day that her favorite of my poetic creations of late is one entitled "Whirlpool" and I realized it would make the perfect cover for a journal of thought and emotion. The verse is truly one that gives room for reflection and direction.

My son, it is, of course, my hope, that you may want one of my blank journals. And, of course, I'll happily purchase one from myself on your behalf -- if you ask me to do so. And, most importantly, I hope that you fill it with the dreams and desires of your heart.

With Momma's Love,


Link -- my original "Whirlpool" poetic creation.
Link -- purchase "Whirlpool" Journal at CafePress abitosunshine!


  1. This is so great. I love the way you put the letter together and that you wrote it to William. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you Karen! And thank you for the encouragement m'friend!

  3. This is so beautiful in truth and love.

  4. Thank you Lune! How I love my son, my brat!

  5. This is absolutely beautiful and filled with your mother's love and hope for your son. The older I become the more I hope to leave a legacy of my life behind for my children. Thanks for writing and sharing this, Ruthi.

  6. Thanks Dianna! (And thanks for the prompt.) Written from my Momma's Heart...


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