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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Today and Every Day

Today is World Teachers' Day! UNESCO has themed this day as "Teachers for Gender Equality."

Here is my poetic contribution for the day...

No better way to show your teacher appreciation than to give a commemorative gift to your favorite teachers. I've got just what you need, available in a canvas tote bag and in T-Shirts for men and women. Each item has my poetic creation above upon it.

Visit World Teacher Day Tote for a larger view and product information on all 3 of my new products with this design.


  1. I did not realize this was World Teacher's Day. Thanks for the reminder. Teacher's sure do need our support. I taught for 22 years and loved most every minute of it. :)

  2. Beverly, I totally agree that our teachers need our support! Thank you for your 22 years as a teacher. It'd good to hear you enjoyed the better part of those years.


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