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Friday, July 15, 2011

Voices, Vices, Victory, and Values

of Vices and Values
by Ruth Cox

Upon my shoulder sits a wee dark devil in disguise whose whisperings in my left ear often cause me not to hear the voice of the light dwelling inside of me. Yea, though I wander in the valley of this evil one's vices, I rise to claim victory when responding to the sol of my soul burning the lobe of my right ear. I hear; and, I shall live well under the guidance of sol's values from now on and forevermore.

This poetic prose is written in response to a prompt offered up by Brenda in her weekly blog hop Pondering with a Purpose. This week's prompt: VALUES

Hop right along with us this week.

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  1. the goosebumps are rising on my arms!
    Excellent response to the prompt and I love the title!
    thanks for hopping!

  2. Sorry about the goosebumps, but glad you liked the write!

  3. Ah, the perpetual war as we struggle to stay on the straight an' narrow path. Very inspiring.

    ~ Yaya

  4. Not at all like your normal work, but very nicely done.

  5. Thank you, Len. And, I just sent you another private email.


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