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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dare to Ruffle my Feathers

Do you often find yourself in the company of someone who dares to ruffle your feathers? Do you find yourself lacking in the patience department? Here's your chance to tell the world all about it!

Head on over to Brenda Youngerman's blog post "Pondering With A Purpose - Patience" and blog hop along!

This week's patience prompt from Brenda has prompted me to create a T-Shirt I've had on my ToDo list for some time.

Not being a very patient person, I've always had a quick retort to those who say to me, "Patience is a virtue." Now, I'll have the shirt to wear as a warning to all who dare to ruffle my feathers, ha!

Patience is a Virtue shirt
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I chose this pretty pelican and her feathers for the design on the tee because it is Brenda who prompted me to cross this project off my list ... and the pelican is quite appropriate because Brenda collects pelicans! Brenda shares her love for pelicans on her Squidoo lens "Looks and Likes".


  1. OMG.... and a pelican to boot!
    Thank you so much for pondering along!

  2. Hi, Ruthi! The t-shirt is great.

    Blogger is giving me problems with some of my comments, again.

    Susanne Drazic

  3. Thanks, Susanne! So sorry you're having Blogger issues. I had troubles last week, but all seems ok for me at present.

  4. Heading over to look at Brenda's lens.

  5. Sheila, you are a gem of a fine-feathered friend!


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