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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thinking and Pondering #1

Blog Hop: Thinking on Thursday - Pondering With A Purpose

I am really looking forward to this new blog hop hosted by Brenda of Fiction With A Purpose. If you're a writer and/or a blog hopper, you'll want to check this one out and hop right along. Each week, Brenda gives us a writing prompt and we post our submission on our blogs, then, of course, add our post URL to the linky list on her prompt post.

This week's prompt: Word Association: from the list provided, select 3 of them and tell me what they mean to you.

My 3 words: riding, embedding, landscape. I chose to write a piece of flash fiction. In actuality, it's more like factual reality, as I do visualize this on occasion!


Healing Heels
©Ruth Cox

Yearning for the oceanic landscape, I fantasize horseback riding the foot of the foam of the sea. I imagine the strength of animal and wave allowing me to escape reality.

With a subtle kick of my heels, my imaginary horse clicks his in tandem, and off we soar along the seashore. We're one with the ocean's roar, spirits in fine fettle -- blessed by the warming rays of a bit o' sunshine.

The salty balm of the breeze of the beach soothes my soul, embedding the fantastical scene in my mind's eye. Forevermore.
Hmmm... wondering if I should purchase myself a pair of these phantastical Horse Heels to go with my fantasy...
Yay or Nay?


  1. Oh that is a definite yay!

    Very well done my friend!

    I look forward to what you will have to offer in the weeks to come!

  2. Hi Ruthi, wonderful words and a beautiful fantasy. I think your horse would want the feel of your bare heel, and then you could wiggle your toes freely, for more warmth and dreaming.

  3. Thanks, Brenda! I've no idea where that tale rode inf rom, but I enJOYed the pndering prompt--you made me think!

  4. Cynthia, my thoughts are right along with yours! I guess I'll wear the new heels to the stable and kick 'em off when I straddle that horse.

  5. I definitely go with bare feet.

  6. I love it! can I add it onto my page, about high heels! I did get a kick out of this! and linked back to you of course! Lisa

  7. I'm all for the barefootedness, too, athursdayschild!

    Lisa, I knew you would want this one for your Squidoo lens -- have at it m'dear!


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