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Thursday, May 31, 2012

To Sow Love is To Know Love

Often my readers enjoy the background story that goes along with one of my poetic creations and, of course, I love to share the process. So, not only will I be sharing my latest creation but also the love which led to its creation.

Visiting a newfound blog friend's page on Facebook, 31 Days Early I Rise, I immediately saw that she shared a C.S. Lewis quote graphic. I instantly glanced at my copy of The Four Loves and shared with her it is my favorite book by C.S. Lewis.

Just a bit later I was sorting through incoming email and in popped a blog subscription post from an old friend, Brenda Youngerman.

Brenda hosts the weekly blog hop
Pondering with a Purpose
and this week's discussion prompt is:

Showing Love

Love is ... surely flowing as a topic for me to ponder today! Hmmm... Showing, led to words flowing in my mind, which then led to a bit o' sunshine glowing in a new greeting card design...

Sow a bit o' love today!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Emotional Roller Coaster Ride

Last month, in Latter-Day Longings I shared a ride on an emotional roller coaster with a friend. The extremity of disturbance I felt was, I am sure, nothing compared to what Ann was feeling, her spirit crushed by grief over the loss of her dear friend. Friend Chris was an advocate for children; professionally, as well as personally.

Today Ann shares a bit more of the aftermath of emotions she is experiencing over the violent death of her friend in her post "One Month Since My Best Friend Was Murdered".

And, Ann also shares the plea for us to take a child by the hand and take a stand, to arise against abuse.